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Calles Rock Corner: Small as a Ball – Review (DK)

Denmark flag Denmark – Small as a Ball

Lars Boutrup var forholdsvis ukendt for mig indtil jeg læste hvilke bands han har spillet i. Her kan jeg bl.a. nævne Simcess, Evil Masquerade, Supernova og Sonic Tool Box (som jeg anmeldte her på siden sidste år). Som en lille ekstra bonus info kan det nævnes at […]

DPRP: Small as a Ball – Review (NL)

The netherlands The Netherlands – Small as  a Ball

Lars Boutrup is clearly a busy lad. In addition to supplying keyboards for other artists, and collaborating on projects such as Sonic Tool Box, Boutrup has just released his third album under the Lars Boutrup’s Music For Keyboards band name. The first eponymous album came […]

Arlequins: Small as a Ball – Review (IT)

Italy flag Italy – Small as  a Ball

Ritorna in piena forma il simpatico tastierista danese Lars Boutrup con il suo terzo cd di progressive rock strumentale e sinfonico, con una formazione classica alla EL&P, oltre al fido amico e bravo batterista Fredrik Sunesen ritroviamo infatti Niels W. Knudsen al basso, ed ambizioni compositive […]

The Progression Rock: Small as a Ball – Review (CA)

Canada flag Canada – Small as a Ball

This is the third instrumental progressive rock album for Boutrup and by my estimation is a much rockier-prog affair that his previous release which emphasized his symphonic side.

These eight compositions, roughly forty-nine minutes of music, feature mostly Hammond organ or other keyboard driven tunes that put the […]

BetreutesProggen.de: Small as a Ball – Review (DE)

German flag Germany – Small as  a Ball

Lars Boutrup ist Däne. Und diese lügen ja bekanntlich nicht. Also darf man den Zusatz im Namen des Künstlers durchaus für bare Münze nehmen. Ja, dies ist Musik für Keyboards, beziehungsweise Musik für Keyboard-Fans. Boutrup bedient eine Vielzahl von Tasteninstrumenten, wobei gerade die Orgel eine sehr wichtige Rolle […]

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