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Get Ready to Rock: The Great Beyond – Review (UK)

UK flag UK – The Great Beyond

Danish keyboard wiz Lars Boutrup evokes organ grinders of a bygone age.  In doing so he also fashions his own version of classic keyboard-led rock.  ‘The Great Beyond’ is quite simply highly addictive.

There is nothing quite like hearing a Hammond organ played really well and within […]

Tempiduri: The Great Beyond – Review (IT)

Italy flag Italy – The Great Beyond

“The Great Beyond” è il nuovo lavoro di Lars Boutrup valente tastierista danese che con questo disco giunge al ragguardevole traguardo dei quattro lavori.Il fatto poi che Lars Boutrup faccia musica strumentale la cosa è assolutamente degna di nota perché di questi tempi è […]

The Great Beyond: Press Release

Lars Boutrup releasing his fourth instrumental progressive rock album

World wide release 2nd of March 2020

The Great Beyond

“The Great Beyond” contains of 9 new instrumental compositions written by Lars Boutrup in the style of classic keyboard driven prog rock inspired by artists such as Keith Emerson and Jon Lord. Though drawing from such inspirations, the album has its own sound with […]

Progression: Small as a Ball – Review (US)

usa USA – Small as a Ball

When you call your project “Music for Keyboards” you’re telling the world what you’re about. No need for anyone to expect blazing guitar solos. Such a name is also likely to call up the memories of the prominent keyboard players in rock history: Keith Emerson, Rick Wakeman, and so […]

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