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Lars Boutrup is a Danish keyboardist/composer who has released three solo albums, his latest titled Small As A Ball. Boutrup (organ, keyboards, synthesizers) gets help from Fredrick Sunesen (drums, assorted percussion) and Niels W. Knudsen (bass).

On first listen I wasn’t sure if I was ‘getting’ this one but the more I listened the more it clicked. Now I can safely say this is an excellent slice of keyboard heavy symphonic rock.

The title track begins the disc with a big drum beat and heavy bass and keys. Raging organ follows eventually breaking into wild keyboard pyrotechnics. Even though Boutrup’s fingers are flying all over the place there is still room for a pretty good melody.

“Metro Scheme 69” has a Jean Michel Jarre feel starting with an ethereal/ambient mood. The repeating keyboard motif in the background serves to create another layer of sound. There is a nice flow here and if you like electronic music you should dig this.

Electronic tapestries of sound make “Back To Horn” another winner. The keyboard and synthesizer lines weave their way across the soundscape creating another delightfully progressive tune.

“Für Deine Kleider” is a spacier offering while the mellow “Heaven Can Wait” is a more ambient track with shimmering keyboards and gentle soundscapes.

“Will We Dream About The Ball?” has darker tones and raging swells of organ giving it an extra dimension of sound.

Despite the lack of guitar and vocals the songs are interesting and energetic. If you enjoy keyboard drenched progressive rock Small As A Ball will be well worth your time.

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Reviewed by: Jon Neudorf

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