usa USA – The Symphonic Dream

Some 20 years ago after his first band gig, Danish keyboardist Lars Boutrup  offers a second solo album, following his well-reived 2005 debut. This time, he and drummer Fredrik Sunesen recruit two bassists to help rock more, resulting in a happy meduim somewhere between minidism and bombast.

Thoughout, Boutrup displays clean, well-honed chaps on piano, organ and synthesizer while avoiding overkill. All he lacks is a bit of edge that classic prog keyboard wizards wielded when needed.

Sunesen´s percussion is tight and tasteful, while the bassists add almost enough comph to compensate for any absent guitars.

More a series of vignettest han developmental, each pjece carries just enough to become memorable without tedium, and Boutrup´s sensitive orchestration is usually perfect.

I first cranked thi son a late afternoon drive through the country under a brilliant blue sky, and it made my day. The title track´s theme could easily drive a film score, the grand piano on ” Space Peace” and ”A Song For John”  was worth seveal listens; ”Eddy Will Not Be Ready” was a fun, funky disco surprise

Rating 13


Reviewed by: Phil Todd