usa USA – The Symphonic Dream

The Symphonic Dream by Lars Boutrup falls very much in the category of instrumental symphonic keyboard dominated progressive rock, made famous by the likes of Keith Emerson, Par Lindh, Rick Wakeman and a number of others. The music on The Symphonic Dream does vary in moods and styles but overall it’s pretty much on the busy side and Mr. Boutrup keyboard performances are very much at the forefront.

If I compare The Symphonic Dream to most albums by the famous musicians I’ve just listed, I would say that Lars Boutrup’s style is perhaps even more “in your face” than they are.

I would recommend The Symphonic Dream to fans of intense keyboard driven symphonic prog. The tracks are very interesting and the performances of quite a high level. This music is certainly not for everyone, but if you love the genre, you’ll get what you want with this album.


Reviewed by: Marc