Keyboards, organ and synthesizers – The genres rock, classical and movie drama

If you are curious to know what this combination sounds like – Music for Keyboards is the album to check out.

The man behind the album is the keyboard player and composer Lars Boutrup. After years in the business with rock, silent movie music and classical music. Performance as well as composing, in all sorts of different constellelations. Lars Boutrup is now releasing his first solo album.

Music for Keyboards is an album with both beautiful numbers to reflect on and sense the universe to. There are also moments where you can have a laugh and freak out to funny synthesizer sounds and melodies. Sometimes it even gets a bit scary.

The album is mainly composed on keyboards, organ and synthesizers. But within this frame you will also find all sorts of elements from stringers and gongs to the sound of the ocean in stormy wheather. It´s different, it´s exiting and it´s something you simply need to hear.

The drums played by Fredrik Sunesen are supporting and adding to the unique heartbeat of Music for Keyboards. There are both groove, humour and depth in his play.

What unites all these element into a whole are Lars Boutrup ´s sense of harmony, a good tune and the love for each instrument. As well as his ability to lighten everything up just when you thought the sun would never shine again.

We hope you will check the album out. Perhaps even tell your friends and family about this unique piece of art. We´ve been told that Agent Orange is a great number to get into a great mood to, perhaps you would like to test it yourself. Simply check out the samples on the main site and decide for yourself.

Thank you for taking your time to read about Music for Keyboards. We hope you will enjoy the album.