Lars Boutrup history

September 2005

Music for Keyboards release

In 2005 Lars Boutrup released the first instrumental keyboard album ”Lars Boutrup´s Music For Keyboards” which got great reveiws […]

February 2004

Evil Masquerade 2004

In 2004 Lars Boutrup performed on Evil Masquerade´s debut album Welcome To The Show featuring vocalist Henrik Brockmann (ex. […]

January 1998

Big Bang 1998

In 1998 Lars Boutrup made his own band called Big Bang, together with his old band mates from Simcess: […]

February 1997

August 1996

Supernova Girl duo 1996

After Sing Sing slit up Lars Boutrup played a tour for Supernova in 96/97, an outstanding girl duo, to promote […]

May 1994

Sing Sing 1994

After Simcess split up, Lars Boutrup joined the Slag Twins: Johnny Grauengaard (vocals) and Christian Springer (drums) and formed […]

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